Officially: Microsoft kills Flash

Now officially, Microsoft is killing Flash.

Microsoft now says the new "full-Chromium" Edge will use the same kill-Flash calendar as Google's Chrome, the vastly more popular browser that also relies on Chromium.

According to the company blog of Microsoft, Edge will follow Chrome in Flash-disabling calendar. Same about Internet Explorer.

Previously, Microsoft informed about it’s own plan on slowly rejection from Adobe Flash Player, which will be retired by the end of 2020.

As Microsoft decided to discard it own browser technologies moving on Chromium-based open-source model, it was expected to follow Chrome’s schedule to kill Flash player.

"In the next version of Microsoft Edge (built on Chromium), we will continue to retire Flash in the same timeframe as other Chromium-based browsers," Colleen Williams, a senior program manager on the Edge team.

It is now expected that Microsoft is going to disable Flash in both IE11 and Edge before Adobe will officially stop supporting their technology.