About Us

ICESTONE provides a range of business-to-business development and publishing services, as well as scalable monetization solutions. The company is based in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Web games have been all the rage for the last 10 years. But with the Flash era coming to an end, many developers are searching for an alternative, and HTML5 is regarded an obvious option. Having analyzed the existing solutions with all their drawbacks, we decided to develop our own technology. and dedicated a small team to the project.

Over the years a huge amount of Flash content was created: from games and animations to video players and almost all animated banners. We know many people had the idea that it would be nice to create a technology that converts Flash to HTML5. However, this would require several million dollars of investment, an appropriate team with a certain background, a well-chosen architecture and a certain amount of luck, as always. For smaller developers, these conditions were unattainable.

We worked on Flash Player without source code, where most of the internal functions have no documentation due to the closeness of the engine. Due to the fact that most of the team had a 10-year development background in Flash, and a large number of experiments on real projects, we were able to determine the features of algorithms, the rules of behavior in certain situations. This allowed us to achieve 100% compliance.

Where most of the competitors decided to stay with generally accepted practices, we went all the way and found innovative solutions that allowed us to get a performance increase of 300% relative to the Flash Player.

We also encountered an incredible variety of sources. Each developer programmed in his own style and at his own level of understanding the architecture of projects; for specific needs, giving birth to tons of unoptimized or untyped code, often overconsuming device resources. Our technology adapts to the needs of the application and ensures stable and smooth operation on any platform, including mobile browsers, which are much more demanding of resources.

Usually, modern developers close their eyes to the presence of browsers with low productivity or insufficient number of functions. Since we have several proprietary compilers that perform a variety of tasks, we translate the game code into pure JavaScript without losing the necessary functions that are not found in browsers.

Web programmers will understand how important accuracy is when moving from one technology to another when it comes to, for example, a Dictionary, E4X syntax, or a static initialization cycle. One of the achievements is the predictive compiler, which optimizes the code by analogy with Google's V8. In general, we are faced with a thousand and one difficulties (literally).

Several multi-billion corporations tried to create such a technology to convert Flash to HTML5, but didn’t succeed for a variety of reasons: wrong approach, wrong architecture, low priority of the project; in many ways they fought for the advertising market, not the games. Saving all Flash games developers is now our main goal.