HTML5 Games - your path to Gamedev!

The advantage of HTML5 games is that they are easy to create and distribute, and cross-platform,that makes the HTML5 platform ideal for creating multiplayer games. An HTML5 game can be developed from scratch, but it will be more convenient and easier to do with the help of numerous engines and frameworks. Here are just a few of them:

Construct 2

A framework for developing 2D games, it is intended not only for professional developers, but also for people who are not able to program: designers, artists or students. More than 20 plug-ins and 70 visual effects are available in the kit to create a game, which can then be immediately published on several platforms.

Construct 2 can be tried for free, and the full version of the tool costs $199.99.


The free open source engine allows you to create games using Canvas and the WebGL library. There are many examples and tutorials available on the Phaser website to help you create your own game.


Open source set of libraries for game development: EaselJS is designed to work with HTML5 Canvas, SoundJS is used to work with audio, TweenJS is used to create animations, and PreloadJS is used to control the loading of all necessary elements.


An engine for creating 3D games using WebGL. The source code of the project is open and constantly updated.


Engine which allows you to create 2D and 3D games and place ads in these games for profit. PlayCanvas is free for public projects, you can purchase one of two paid versions with advanced features.


According to the creators, the main advantage of PixiJS is the rendering speed. The engine is completely free, it is intended for creating 2D applications: many examples are available on the project website.

There are other useful tools as well, an extensive list of frameworks for developing HTML5 games is available on GitHub. There is even a separate site dedicated to game engines for HTML5.