Chrome 76

On July 30th Google scheduled release of Chrome 76. Newest 76 Beta version is already available for users all around the world. Chrome 76 features an amount of different user-affecting changes such as default dark mode for some sites, stops incognito mode detection by sites and turns of notification to allow running Flash player by default.

In the beginning of 2017 Chrome blocked flash elements while switching to HTML5. Users have to enable it manually by allowing running Flash on the notification popping in the browser window to show one or another flash banner or a game. But in the next 76 version of Chrome option to ask if user wants to allow using Flash will be disabled by default in the settings of the browser. According to 9TO5 Google.

Only after re-enabling Flash - Settings->Advanced->Site Settings->Flash->Ask First users will be able to see Flash content. Lots of inexperienced PC-users will not find this setting.

Adobe will stop supporting Flash by 2020. You can save your Flash game or gaming-portal with IceStone.